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Here are a few of my most recent posts from my tech blog. Most of my posts are on Android development, but you will find other tech related topics from iOS to web development to linux, etc.

RMH Trucking Sample Site

By Ryan M. Hoffman on June 5, 2018

RMH Trucking Small Sample Site I recently decided to change up my focus a little bit from “Android Development” or even more general with “Mobile Development” and focus on web development. I decided that I was going to try solve a problem I am very familiar with, terrible or non-existing websites for trucking companies. Even more specifically than that, websites that are outdated and not mobile friendly for trucking companies that specialize in liquid bulk transportation.

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Can React Native compare and compete with true native code?

By Ryan M. Hoffman on January 28, 2018

Why Write this Article? Great question, I’m glad you asked! First, let me say that this is NOT going to be a benchmarking article to compare numbers and load times or anything like that. This article is going to be a look into whether a developer who currently works using native code for either or both mobile platforms should consider React Native. I am writing this article because that is the position I find myself in currently.

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Nearly 8 Months with Vim

By Ryan M. Hoffman on December 27, 2017

How I Feel About Vim Now Introduction This post is a follow up on a post I wrote several months ago about my starting point with Vim. If you missed that post, you can read it here. That details how and when I started with Vim nearly 8 months ago. Now it is an integral part of my workflow. It is my only text editor, and I don’t know how I lived without it before.

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Getting Started with Vim

By Ryan M. Hoffman on April 28, 2017

Getting Started with Vim Introduction The title of this article might be misleading a little bit, but this is not a tutorial about how to get started with Vim. It is in fact a small post about my decision to get started with Vim. I recently made the decision to start using Vim as my main (read only) editor. I decided that I’m going to give it a try for 37 days, and after that I will see if I like it and if it makes me any more productive than with my current editor.

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